Where To Find Home Decorating Inspiration

Redecorating a home or room starts inspiration. The web has a million of places where homeowners can find inspiration, advice, and tips on how to decorate their home.

Websites like www.getdecorating.com offer homeowners thousands of pictures of professionally decorated homes. Most home decorators cannot afford $20 a foot trim, or $1500 faucets, but they can use the pictures to aid their own decorating plans.

About the only thing the websites and major magazines cannot help homeowners do is translate the designs portrayed in the large decorator mansions into a viable solution for their own condominium, or family home.

These sites do offer homeowners solutions to common problems. Very few of these big homes do not have common problems. Huge windows, large blank walls, picture windows, difficult to manage floor plans, and awkward kitchens are only a small sample of problems home decorators must deal with.

Take a second look at the pictures of the large homes. Each picture will offer solutions to lighting, space, and layout problems.

Community and Social Networking sites like www.about.com and www.ivillage.com are the best places to find real-world decorating ideas. Many of these sites have pictures of the writer’s rooms and decorating projects.

While some of these photos may have been decorated with the help of professionals, most of them are designed with products purchased at local stores or from online stores.

Online stores are a haven for home decorators. Like everything, there are good sites and mediocre sites. A good site will offer unique products, and best quality items, for less than retail. While saving money is good, finding quality is vital for decorating the perfect room.

A homeowner who is decorating a master bedroom often wants a Damask cover for the bed. What they end up with is a Damask print. Homeowners do not need to ‘settling for second best’ anymore. They can now go online and find a real Damask Duvet cover for less than the price of a department store bed-in-a-bag deals.

These online stores are a great source for inspiration. They offer the newest releases from the furniture and decorating manufacturers. These products are created to fit into the current decorating trends.

In many cases, local brick-and-mortar decorating stores are several months behind on trends. Even when they stock the current trends, they must focus on the most popular designs. This drastically reduces their stock to the classics and contemporary designs.

Another great place to find inspiration is by watching movies. Family movies are great places to find out how real people decorate family homes.

Homeowners often over look the pictures in family movies and family magazines. The decorating ideas used in family homes are not as glamorous as those in the decorating magazines are, but they do have some important advantages.